Our Services

Northland Neurology and Myology, PA is physician referral-based private practice providing outpatient care for much of Northern Minensota. Dr. David McKee is board certified in neurology and has subspecialty fellowship training and certification. He started the practice in 1992. He is the only board certified electromyographer and practitioner on neuromuscular disease medicine north of the Twin Cities.

More about the services we provide:

The NCV and EMG are diagnostic tests done to determine whether there is abnormality of nerves or muscles. There is no special preparation for either test. We ask that you come with clean skin and do not use any lotion products.

The nerve conduction velocity study (NCV) is done by a neurologist. He will attach a small electrode to your arm or leg and stimulate the affected limb with a small amount of electricity.
Calculations are then done to determine the speed at which the nerve conducts electricity. This test takes approximately a half hour; it is only mildly uncomfortable. Generally there are no after effects.

The electromyography (EMG) is also performed by a neurologist, and will be used to check your muscle and nerve function. A very fine needle, like an acupuncture needle, is inserted into specific muscles to allow the doctor to observe the electrical activity in these muscles. The muscles that will be evaluated with this needle are determined by the symptoms you have experienced. The test takes approximately 10 minutes. As with the NCV the examination is only slightly uncomfortable.
There may be some slight localized tenderness for 2-3 hours after the procedure which may be relieved by Tylenol or ibuprofen.

Neurology consultations are done by both Dr. David McKee and Dr. Rebecca Meyerson for patients with neurological symptoms.